The Goodnight Fever

by Folk House Studio

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The Shining Sleep was recorded in the winter of 2007 and 2008 by Cory Christiensen, Nick Tomlinson, Cole Tresoor, and Sophie Lachapelle. The original gigging group went by the name Abstraction and included Alex Jenson on drums and song writing. The group disbanded in the summer of 2007, but the album began to materialize through many late nights hanging out in an afgan blanket covered, christmas light shining wood shop.
Songs from the original group include (in order of creation):
My Idol
The Gloom
Into the Sea
Fountain Breather
Forest Song
The remaining songs we're integrated into the band as the album grew. Some were written collaboratively, others personally.
Less than 100 copies were released. Each was hand sewn with cloth by the band. :)


released April 21, 2008

To see and hear the original group visit these links!



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Track Name: Darlingtonia Dream
Again sleep til the summertime
When all the trees fall down
So cold, I sleep forever
Until the clock runs out
Until you knock my head off

The walls can speak you said
You said you'd ask

The darkstar to come and get you
I told him not to fix you
I swore to him

Left the keys in the car
Come quick

And ill forget you
And ill say it
Goodnight for winter
Track Name: My Idol
I will not spit on you
I will not sleep with you
I am not afraid of you
I will not suffocate
Ill take you
I'm coming too

Life's like an infomercial
Gravity brings me down
Chlorine makes it hard to breathe
I am such a drama queen

We're facing palms again
Hurts like beating car
I want you to go to far
I don't know not to think
I get the feeling I make you sick
I'm melting inside my head

I will not spit on you
I will not speak of you
I am not afraid of you
Slowly pull all my gifts away
I'm a vegetable in my mind
Track Name: Into the Sea
If you came home again
If you came back you'd change your mind again
I just woke up soaking wet
Yesterday I woke inside my head
And we still race around the clock
and your sinking like a heart

Don't wanna fall asleep
Just like a fallen king
You always change your mind
Too late for everything

You talk you have nothing to say
'Cause you were afraid the ground would stop
I hear them breaking through the door
Don't let them in
Just get back in the car
Slam the door
My remark
To late for everything

I only have one more question
What did you do while you were here?
Track Name: Fled Girls Love
Fled girls love, and I fall to pieces
Dead Girls love, and I fall to pieces
Come on, well, I cant please us
Come down where I fall I fall to pieces

Wheres your face when I need it most?
Don't let them find me out

Please turn back
Track Name: Shiny Purple Lady
Shiny purple lady
She sleep with her eyes closed
Blue man in the cop clothes
His hands are tied

Shiny purple lady
Her lamp shade keeps the light in
Blue man in the cop clothes
Checks in for another day

Monday, Tuesday
Peering from the outside in
Thursday, Friday
Grab your jacket head for the door
Track Name: Fountain Breather
I'm so Shattered
Catch us breathe
And I hate this
I'll rise up
All us thieves wait for a lively exchange
Look inside, outside, nothing at all

I hear your door creak so loud
Picture my darling and her love
I got eyes on the back of my head
Ill smother you til' your dead

If you look for the afterlife
You'll see it's just a trapped door
If I could control you I'd say all your lives
Eat you alive before you grow old

Don't listen
Don't fuck it all up
Don't take what tastes like gold
All us cob webbed castle rocks
It took centuries but we grew old

My sweet heart is sweet
also she is my heart of hearts
To look in her eyes is like to break a hole through the clouds and see into the heavens

I'm twitchin' at the mouth
I'm dancing in one spot
I don't know where i am
I am where you are
Track Name: Rosetta
Her moons so full
Her eyes unfold
We're so old

I saw the sunlight
Take this off her
Take this offer

We're back stabbers
Track Name: The Gloom
Why do you
Why do you keep asking me this?

Shaking nervously
It's in my name

You are they eye
Ten feet under
Ten feet under the sky

I gave you a light that helps you sleep
I gave you a light that helps you

The sky
You were there just to keep me awake
The gloom

The sky
I don't wanna fall asleep
Don't wanna fall

The sky
If you for the afterlife
If you look for me after
The gloom

The floor can be as soft as your bed
I can sleep and i can see
The floor can be as soft as your bed
I can beat it I can beat it
Track Name: Forest Song
Its on to them
The dew crisps the grass again
A year again
The moon with the earths horizon on
The field lit by the shining sleep

The Shining sleep
Long grass grows

The guard is down
But you still watch my back
The sinking
Are you still watching my back

The sinking

(Cory Muttering)
Track Name: Tom Sawyer
Keep talking, I'm really listening
Your words and your mouth and me
Beautiful girl of honesty
I know so little

My eyelids lay heavy on my shoulders
My hair floats light on my cheeks
Beautiful girl of fealty
Do i feel wrong?

That's my car I'm walking
The air out here we stole
Beautiful girl of honesty I know so little